Shame Off You: Say “No” to Dysfunctional Family Rules

Every marriage and every home offers the opportunity to create meaningful relationships, to lay the groundwork for a secure and healthy self-identity and to incorporate scriptural principles that lead to a vibrant and active celebration of one’s relationship with God. In 1 Corinthians 8, the Apostle Paul tells us that “love edifies” or builds up. […]

The Number One Benefit of Executive Coaching

Self-awareness The dynamic of self-awareness is what executives most often talk about in their coaching sessions – not their business strategy, but themselves and their emotion management. Helping executive coaching clients become more self-aware in order to improve their performance by enhancing their emotional intelligence (EQ) involves science and heart, not what many fear or think is nothing more […]

How Do You Pick a Coach for Results?

Do you want positive results? Pick an experienced Life Coach! Want a better life? Get a better coach because if you pick the wrong one, you will not experience the results you are seeking. In fact, if you have an ineffective coach, you may have to fire them. Don’t worry – a non-performing coach knows […]

Set Up Guardrails to Protect Your Marriage

David and Joseph . . . two prominent Bible characters. Both were godly men who faced sexual temptation. One yielded and paid a dear price for it. The other ran from temptation and was rewarded by God, even though he was falsely accused of sexual assault by a spurned temptress. We are talking, of course, […]

Healing from Church Hurt

I hate to admit that I have a lot of experience healing from church hurt. Someone asked me how I have learned to love well. My response came without thinking . . . “Because I’ve had to forgive a lot.” Have you been hurt by someone in the Church? Maybe it was a leader, a […]

I Know His Voice: Spending Time Together in God’s Word

Think of someone you know . . . perhaps better than anyone else on the planet. Maybe it’s your spouse, parents, a sibling, a son or daughter or best friend. If you shut your eyes, can you see the person’s face? Could you pick him or her out of a crowd? What about his or […]

Disorientation: The Silent Killer

It is frightening to be disoriented. It means you are headed in the wrong direction. In flight, it means you have no reference to the ground and may not even know your direction. Being disoriented is dangerous but not knowing you’re disoriented is the “silent killer.” Among other things, I am a private pilot. On […]

COVID Recession Recovery

How Financial Fears Hurt Your Health and Can Cause Slow Suicide Coronavirus can destroy your health and sadly, can destroy your life. However, this is not as a primary impact of the disease, since most patients tested positive for COVID-19 recover. Far too frequently, the secondary threat is slow suicide. If the concept is new […]